Update on CCW Classes

New concealed carry classes will be coming soon. We have had a huge response from people wishing to take our classes and we are working hard to get more of them available for you.

*** If you are a nurse or healthcare provider interested in taking the free CCW class, please be patient. Due to the number of people interested (over 50), we have had to postpone these classes until we can find a larger venue, or split the classes up into smaller ones. WE WILL LET YOU KNOW when the next classes will be held. Emailing us every day about it just slows the process down so PLEASE, be patient.

2 responses on "Update on CCW Classes"

  1. Hi Shai, thanks for the update. Sorry about everyone harassing you about the nurses class, people are impatient, lol! We’ll wait to hear from you and let me know if you need anything. – Sandy.

    • Thanks Sandy! Yes, there has been such a huge interest that people are getting very impatient with the classes so I’ve had to just postpone them for now until we can secure a larger venue. Either myself or David will let everyone know by email when the next class is ready. Thanks!

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